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Things to Think About Thursday

Each Thursday I post the most interesting science-related tidbits I run across on the internet for your enjoyment! I will gladly take recommendations or requests at whatisaplunk[at]gmail[dot]com!

So sorry for my extended absence! I’ve been very busy making graduate school decisions, and I’ve fallen behind on other obligations. Have no fear, however, I have some wonderful upcoming posts! For now, I’ll start you off with my new favorite desktop wallpaper, and some interesting reads from the past week!

The constellation Monocerous (the unicorn!). Click through for the original, larger image.

  • George Musser of Scientific American does a fantastic job explaining the Vasiliev Theory of higher-spin fields, a baffling theory that could be the next step in the unification of physics.
  • The first results from ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array) are in! Their first published data reveals an interesting planetary system orbiting around Fomalhaut.
  • If anyone has the desire to buy me something, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s book Space Chronicles will do quite nicely.
  • Lifehacker provides some excellent advice for students dealing with debt.
  • This may be slightly off the topic of science, but since the personality statistics within science are so dramatically skewed towards introverted, I think it’s relevant. Matador Network writer Carlo Alcos explains his revelation that being introverted is OK too.
  • Another book to put on your “To Read” list, Breaking into the Lab: Engineering Progress for Women might not be celebrated by Athene Donald, but it sounds like an interesting read.
  • Athene Donald hit it out of the park last week, and examined an RSE report of the position of women in STEM fields in Scotland. Her analysis is impecible, and you should read her explanation of why we need to start focusing our efforts on young girls.
Even most practicing female scientists, myself included, still find an unconscious tendency to associate words associated with science more with men than women.

Until we next meet again, happy Thursday!


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